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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next, the security scare at the amgen tour california moves through the bay area. a mangled mess. how a chp officer walked our our-away from this wreck. >> much he powerball jackpot could grow. a scare along the tour california race while part of downtown evacuated after a suspicious package discovered? livermore. it happened during the seventh stage of the amgen tour of california today in livermore. nick smith is there live tonight with the latest.
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reporter: you can see the workers are starting to clear out and finish up the last pieces of stage seven but it was here the racers had left when a work at this salon found a suspicious package in the dumpster and immediately notified police. the bomb scwawd was called after law enforcement officials determined a package found in a dumpster was suspicious. in less than handhour police were able to confirm it was a package of post cards wrapped and stuffed in a box and then tossed in a dumpster by a vendor. >> it was very suspicious looking. cardboard box, bound up with a southern california label on it, and we know it wasn't there in the morning and was placed there sometime during the amgen, and we had to talk precautions. reporter: more than half the
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vendors and workers assigned to the race were cleared from the area as a precaution, and the bomb squad was called. the bomb squad robot tike a picture of package, and then it was identified. the winner of this next stage is a guy from the czech republic but one thing we learned is if you look over the dumpsters are full now of pieces of things that have been left behind. all of the dumpsters had been cleared this morning as a safety precaution. that's why, when that worker came out and noticed something was in the dumpster that had not been there in the morning, she immediately noistled the police and she followed the rule of, see, some say something. >> ama: earlier in the race a chp motorcycle escort in a race collided with a car on marsh creek road. the motorcycle was left in pieces. the driver of the motorcycle was airlifted to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.
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officers tell us the silver car was either turning left into a driveway or trying to make a u turn when the accident happened. >> preparations underway for the bay-to-breakers race in san francisco. 30,000 runners have registered in light of the boston marathon bombings there will be a higher police presence and use of more surveillance cameras. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. developing news out of virginia. an elderly man that crashed his car into a parade injuring 50 to 60 people. happened in the small town of damascus during the trails day festival. three of the victims were airlifted to regional hospitals. one official says the driver may have suffered a medical emergency before the crash. people across the country have caught powerball fever. >> $600 million! >> there are long lines snaking around stores.
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sergio quintana is live at the bay area's luckiest store. reporter: basically everyone in the pay area knows this is the place to buy a lottery ticket, and look how busy it is inside. there's a line that snakes around inside the story so people can get up to this machine right here so they can buy their tickets, or there's also a couple of machines over here on the counter. always these people are hoping to buy into their chance to win. >> over the last 24 years, five winning tickets have been purchased here at cavanaugh liquors. one of the best winning streaks in the entire state of california. so now that powerball is boasting a $600 million jackpot there are plenty of people who are in line, hoping to be the next minute tie millionaire, and some people are buying big-time. >> do you have 0 story to tell your friends at work?
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>> when we win and i don't go back to work? yeah. um, not sure. i'll be thinking about that tonight. just kidding, guys. >> is this kind of like a usual lotto thing for you? you come and get snacks and tickets. >> ways, a little celebration and hopefully i get a little luck. reporter: tonight's powerball drawing is at 8:00. so we were doing a little research about the odds of winning. not to discourage anyone in line here but if you do -- you have a better chance of being struck by lightning several times than actually winning the powerball jackpot. again, tonight's jackpot is $600 million and if there's not a winner tonight, it will roll over and the estimated jackpot on wednesday will be at about $925 million. just shy of a billion. that's pretty huge. reporting live, sergio quintana.
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>> ama: the thought we could win that gets us so excited. follow us on twitter and abc7 news bay area to get the winning numbers and sign up for push alerts to get a message on your phone or tablet with the winning numbers. you can also get your lottery tickets online. lotto gopher is the first online site you can buy lottery tickets. there's a 12s -- monthly service fee. >> occupy protesters are back on the farm in albany today. farming uk -- uc berkeley land, land that the university wants to develop. we're live with the details. pressure. reporter: albany residents who came to proceed the "occupy the farm" have gone home but the occupiers are here under the
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watchful eyes the ic berkeley police. >> they ignored the police tape here in albany today. the property is owned by uc berkeley and is slated for development. occupiers want the now vacant property sphwiewrnd an urban farm. >> i would like to see this become an urban farm, to be able to teach the children from around here what a farm looks like and how it feels and how we can grow foods ourselves. >> ordered to leave the property immediately. >> the uc berkeley police lieutenant issued the order every hour. "occupy the farm" began weeding and planting vegetables on the property, and a grocery store and senior housing are planned for the sight several albany residents protested the takeover. >> come down here to counteract what they're doing. >> claire home with uc c
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berkeley say police standing by. >> woe hope they live on their own volition. >> if they don't live, they will probably be evicted like last year. they were also kicked off this section last week, and four arrests were made. we're live in albany. abc7 news. >> ama: still to come on abc7 news at 6:00. the season may be over but the celebrations are not. the big honor for the golden state warriors and how you can catch it. apple cofounder steve's in wozniak steps up to the podium at berkeley today. what he has to say to the new graduates. >> and controversy over a new book release in san francisco. >> 90-degree heat headed our way. we'll check out theeeee
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>> the warriors may have lost in the second round of the playoffs but their season success went far beyond expectationings, coming in second place in the division. on tuesday the city of san francisco will recognize the winning season with a public celebration. during it mayor ed lee with give steph curry a key to the city. >> enough at 6:00, graduates from cal were treated to a special speaker today. apple cofounder stove owes of wozniak gave the commencement
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speech, talking about the choice he made to return to school after founding apple. he told the new grads the pursuit of happiness is more important than the pursuit of accolades. >> doesn't matter how many yachts you have, your tighting, how much money you make. the day you die, if you've been running everything tight and another person is out on the streets homeless, smiling, telling jokes, having a fun time, who would you rather be when you die? i decided i'd rather be the fun person. >> he finished his degree at cal in 1986 after he was already worth more than $100 million. president obama will have tech on his mind next month when he visits the peninsula on a fundraising swing. a reception at the home of mike mchugh. the cofounder of slick board, and the dinner will be at the residence of one of the founders of sun microsystems. >> the controversy surrounding a new book release in san
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francisco. >> thousands stand in line hoping for a little help this weekend. what they're getting for free. >> clear skies tomorrow? up next is this forecast. >> rick: coming up in sports. giants manager bruce bochy calls a team meet, and could derby winner orb capture2mc
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>> ama: the world's most widely used psychiatric manual has a new version and not everybody likes it. it was the philadelphia version of the dsm disorders. it revises the criteria for the diagnosis and classification of mental disorders. not everyone agrees with the new manual. >> the psychiatrists know that this book is a sham, that it labels millions of children and drugs them needlessly. >> ama: hundreds protested today outside the moscone cenr.
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the apa did not provide anyone for us to talk to. in san jose, hundreds of people stood in line for hours to get free dental work. some even waited overnight. the line of people stretched four blocks around the convention center. 800 dentists, dental high generalists and assistants are providing free services for thousands of uninsured or underinsured people. doors open again tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. >> the eighth annual have. to end poverty wound around lake merritt in oakland today. the organizers say the sequestration is hurting families who need assistance to survive. in the bay yeah, one in seven children lives in poverty in oakland, it's one in four. >> a recent collision on he moon could be seen by the naked eye. here it is, next to the try -- triangle. it was a meteor hitting the moon
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at 56,000 mires per hour. scientists say it's the biggest explosion they have seen since they started monitoring the moon for mid-you'roids eight years ago. >> here's our weekend forecast. >> the weekend forecast looks terrific. so if you have any plans tomorrow, bay-to-breakes, amgen tour, going to the park or head off to walk the dog, it's going to be beautiful. the live doppler 7hd showing you some changes happening. we're starting to seen see a return of patchy fogs. you can see the golden gate bridge, looking out towards the marin head left-hand sides. it's glorious. 62 in san francisco, 60s for oakland, mountain view, san jose, 57. check out the view. you can see the sun is getting ready to come down. sunset not until later tonight. if you're stepping out for dinner or just out for a night out on the up to, temperatures -- out on the town,
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temperatures are comfortable. accept rose -- santa rosa, 79. golden gate bridge, sunny skies and here's the forecast. patchy fog in the morning. expecting even warmer weather in the next few days and the cooling trend starts on tuesday. today's temperatures have come up from two to ten degrees, upper 50s coastside. low 80s inland. the numbers coming up more as this area of high pressure coming closer to the coastline. sunday and monday, we'll expect temperatures to peak as you look at the trend for livermore, 86 tomorrow, 90 on monday. and then get ready for a big dip in those numbers as a trough drops down from the north and really brings in cooler air. we'll also see more cloud consecutive by the middle of next week. tomorrow morning, limited amount of fog. really patchy. along the coastline, temperatures starting in upper 40s to mid-50s. so a game or something going on
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for the kid, make sure they have an extra larry on for the morning hours. after that you'll be able to take them off. check out the numbers. 80 in the south bay. 79, cupertino. 77, redwood city. 64, half moon bay. downtown san francisco 70. sunset, 66. still breezy but not quite as windy as we have seen in days past. north bay, 84. 80, know val -- novato. 7 4 , san leandro. near 80, castro valley, fremont. inland areas, 86 fairfield. not too warm for bay-to-breakers as you take partner race or going to check it out tomorrow, looks beautiful. crisp and clear in the morning, warming up in the afternoon, upper 50s 9:00 a.m.
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mid-60s by 11 al. mild, and then up to 69 by 1:00 p.m. but you don't have to worry about it being too windy or hot but it will get hotter monday, low 90s. temperatures goes down after that. more cloud cover, bottoming out on thursday in the low 70s. follow live doppler 7hd on twitter for the bay area weather conditions, get blizzard forecasts "spare the air" alerts and weather tweets. >> ama: thank you. rick kiwanis for shu bringing us sports. >> rick: a big surprise in horse racing, kentucky derby winner orb was a big favorite to capture the preakness which would put him in line to become the first triple crown winner in 1978. but a horse named oxbow had other plans. >> oxbow, furlough to run. mates lucky day on the outside, trying to post again.
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oxbow, down to the 16th. it's my lucky day to the outside. but it's oxbow, to win the preakness! >> ox oxbow led from the start. gone off at 15 to 1 odds, orb couldn't overcome starting on the rail and finished fourth so there will be no triple crown winner. >> i get paid to spoil dreams, and so unfortunately, we go over here and you can't mail them. it's a different surface and a different time, and you got to line them up and win them. >> rick: the suspension of shock's player is proving to be costly. today the nhl fined the team $100,000 for comments general manager doug wilson made in criticizing the league for the suspension. game three between the sharks and kings is just underway, san jose leads 1-0.
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>> in the other we were conference semifinal, detroit at chicago. tied 1-1 in the second. smith scores to put the wings on top. detroit put the contest away with two more in the third. franz ons fourth going of the playoffs, wings win. >> the warriors' season may be over but after taking snowmobile to six games, golden state has thereto feel good about. a young team build around players here steph curry and david lee. despite the ankle, curry averaged a team high 23 points during the lay playoffs, and equally exciting, harrison barnes, draymond green, having gotten a taste of the powe season has left them hungry for more. >> i learned so much this year. there are lot of positive things. we had two rookies starting the first 50 games or so we're 13 games off .500.
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we had -- there's a lot of experiences we had this year we can build on for next year. like like at the byron nelson classic, bradley trying to become the first wire to wire winner since 1980. it was perfect perfect day in texas. check out this shot. second on a par-4 14th from 162 yards. it bounces a couple of times before going in for eagle. tied for fifth. uh-huh. brad lee -- bradley started with a the shot lead. a 68 has him on top by one into the final round. tom gillis two from the lead thanks to shots like this one. before the giants took on the rockies, manager bruce bow the called a rare team meeting. the subject? mental mistakes. san francisco has made nine errors while losing three of its last fours. let's good out to coors field. a rocky mountain low in the
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thimpled this is what bochy warned tee him nate. tim lincecum throws the ball away. a run scores. now in the fourth, san francisco trails 3-1. in case you missed it, the astros found another way to lose last night. game tied, two outs, pirates had the bases loaded for martin. he hits a lazy fly ball to right. the second baseman has it. wrong! it's knocked loose. in comes the game winner, pittsburgh with the 5-4 victory, and this abc7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. astros on track to lose their third -- have their third straight 100 loss anymores so anytime giants and a's fans complain, put it in privilege, could be the astros. >> from cars that sing to -- bukll show you what makes the
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>> join my touch. we'll take a look at the winning numbers for the biggest powerball jackpot in history, and that's at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news.
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>> in san mateo, inventors put their stuff on play splay at -- display at the makers fair. the outside the center may have been the most inventive thing around. a man deck deck decorated car with plastic fish and had them sing a song. very interesting. that is it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. thanks for joining us.
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